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Follow Rob the Sparky on his adventures
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This episode focuses on electrical accessories.

Latest News

Interim ban: Decorative alcohol fuelled burners

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Recalled: Kambrook — Kambrook Essentials Microwave Oven 30L

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Recalled: Fashion Factory Outlets (Trade Secret) Pty Limited — US Electrical Plug sold with the Coby Max Series Battery Operated Travel 3 Head Rotary Shaver

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Recalled: Great Harbour Trading — Plasma Lamp

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Recalled: Innovations Direct Pty Ltd — Instant Hot Water Kettle

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Recalled: PR Kitchen and Washroom Systems P/L — Franke Waste Disposal Unit

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With the EESS coming in does this affect any liability responsibilities (Part 6)

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Ep. 1: Does it Comply? – Electrical Accessories

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