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Blue Line Solar Pty Ltd—Avanco DC solar isolator switches Recall


Product description
This recall notice is issued by the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General pursuant to Section 122 of the Australian Consumer Law (Qld)
The products are DC solar power isolator switches forming part of the Blueline solar power system.
Identifying features
Model numbers are AV/DC4P25A and AV/DC4P25AUT
What are the defects?
High temperature can occur at the internal switch plate, causing the contacts to spread and the polymer support plate to degrade.
What are the hazards?
This poses a risk of arcing and eventual catastrophic failure, resulting in fire.
Where the product was sold
Traders who sold this product
The Blueline solar system was sold to:
  • Australian Institute of Renewable Energy (AIRE);
  • Queensland Renewable Energy (QRE);
  • Polaris Solar;
  • Darwin Solar;
  • Combined Solar;
  • United Renewable Energy;
  • Genlux;
  • ACT Renewable Energy; and
  • Capital Solar
Blue Line Solar pty ltd
Supplier's web site
What should consumers do?
Shut down the PV solar system immediately by following the appropriate shut down procedure. This shut down information is normally found in either the customer documentation or on a label near the inverter. If you are unsure of the shutdown procedure or unsure if you have this isolator installed, contact your solar installer or electrical contractor as soon as possible for further advice. 
You do not need an electrician to shut down the system. However, you should seek assistance from a solar company if you are unsure of how to carry out the shutdown procedure safely.
Consumers should contact Blueline on 1300 551 555 to begin the claim process.

  • Sep 27, 2014

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