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Shriro Australia Pty Ltd — 9.5V and 9V DC Adaptor


Identifying features

Electrical approval number

TUV020216EA and A/13170EA


Adaptors are identifiable by the 4 digit manufacturing date on the bottom right hand corner of the label (16XX)

AD95 Identifying Numbers.pdf (51.53 KB)

What are the defects?

In some cases the housing can split apart causing exposure of electrical components.

What are the hazards?

This could potentially result in electric shock.

What should consumers do?

Consumer should contact Shriro Australia Pty Ltd by emailing sends e-mail), calling 1300 134 737 between 7am - 5pm Monday - Friday or via is external) for instructions on how to receive a free replacement adaptor.


Shriro Australia Pty Ltd(link is external)

Where the product was sold


  • Sep 03, 2017

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