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D&W Electrical & Data Suppliers

EYE Lighting Australia Pty Ltd has become a reputable and significant part of the local lighting scene since its incorporation in August 1974. Since those early days, operations have expanded with sales offices throughout Australia and a 'sister' company covering New Zealand.Headquarted in Brisbane Australia, Eye Lighting offers an expansive design, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics capability. Today, EYE Lighting is widely recognised as a significant supplier of the ‘state of the art’ High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) lamps together with a suite of professional luminaries, auxiliary products and services capable of delivering solutions to the many facets of commerce in the areas of: Industrial – Commercial – Mining – Minerals Processing – Stockpiles -Ports – Airports – Manufacturing – Security – Bill board Lighting – Sports Lighting – General Area Lighting – Tunnel Lighting – Hazardous Applications – Warehousing – Horticultural – Energy Sustainable Design – Food/Amenity – Marshalling Yards and much more.