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Campaign Partners

The Electrical Industry Charter:

The Australian electrical industry is united in a desire to stamp out the unnecessary and growing threat posed by non-compliant product in Australia by asking "Does It Comply?" every time we do business.

The trade in non-compliant and counterfeit product is not a victimless crime, it hurts business and it has the potential to hurt or even kill people. By harnessing the whole industry's desire to remove this threat in Australia, the Does It Comply? campaign will tackle the following key issues:

Loss of life/property

Electrical products which do not comply with the relevant Australian Standards present a threat to property and to people's safety. Counterfeit or non-compliant product will often use cheaper materials and lack production controls making them more likely to turn out to be dangerous and cause fires or electrocution.

Damage to industry

There are numerous damaging consequences to industry from the trade in non-compliant product.

The Commitment

All signatories to The Electrical Industry Charter agree to work cooperatively with each other and relevant bodies to lead the Does It Comply? campaign and promote the development of initiatives designed to counter the threat to the Australian electrical industry from counterfeit and non-compliant products. Signatories to the Charter commit to:

All companies promoted as a partner to the Does It Comply? Campaign have agreed to this commitment.

Our Partners

  • ABB
  • Australian Cablemakers Association (ACA)
  • AWM Electrical & Data Suppliers
  • Clipsal by Schneider Electric
  • Crompton Lighting
  • D&W Electrical & Data Suppliers
  • EYE Lighting
  • Haymans Electrical & Data Suppliers
  • HPM Legrand
  • Lighting Council Australia
  • MM Electrical Merchandising
  • National Electrical & Communications Association (NECA)
  • Nexans Olex
  • Performance in Lighting
  • Performance in Lighting Australasia Pty Ltd
  • Philips
  • Pierlite
  • Prysmian Group
  • Schneider Electric
  • Standards Australia
  • Sylvania
  • Thomas & Betts
  • TLE Electrical & Data Suppliers
  • VoltiDEALS Electrical & Lighting Store
  • Voltimum