Does It Comply?

Campaign Signatories - Contractors

The Electrical Installation Industry Pledge:

As an electrical contractor, I acknowledge the growing issue of non-compliant product, and resent the threat it poses to my business, both commercially and in regards to safety.

I wish to do business in an environment where I will not be undercut by a rival offering discounted, non-complaint product. I want to be certain that all products I purchase are compliant with the relevant standards and once installed will not pose a danger to myself, my staff or my customers. I acknowledge that with the introduction of the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) the regulators have provided a simple way for me to check if the products I purchase are compliant, and I appreciate this step towards developing a level playing field and safer environment.

By undertaking the mandatory training, I have demonstrated my commitment to:

  • Understanding the legislative obligations placed upon me should I use non-compliant product in my business
  • Recognising the signs that a product could be non-compliant
  • Understanding how to report suspected examples of non-compliant product, and the importance of doing so.

I pledge:

  • To never knowingly purchase non-compliant product
  • To undertake reasonable steps (via the EESS) to ensure that the products I purchase are compliant
  • To report examples of non-complaint product that I encounter
  • To use a common sense approach to "too good to be true" offers
  • To support the companies that have signed the Electrical Industry Charter
  • To give a voice to the Does It Comply? Campaign, and use the logo where possible to encourage more signatories.

By submitting the examination online, I agree to honour the terms of this pledge.