Support Materials

Below are some materials that have been created by various organisations that will aid you in the fight against non-compliant products.


Does it Comply? - How to identify non-compliant product
186kb [click to download]

Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council - Final Regulation Impact Statement for Proposed Electrical Equipment Safety System
618kb [click to download]

Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council - Australia and New Zealand's Electrical Safety System (EESS) - A guide to supplying safe electrical equipment
176kb [click to download]

International Electrotechnical Commission - Piracy in electrical and electronic products - Anti-counterfeiting best practice and strategies
1.34mb [click to download]

BEAMA - Counterfeit Kills - Be safe don't electrocute your customers brochure
187kb [click to download]

Watch BEAMA's Anti-Counterfeiting Video on what you can do this prevent happening in Australia

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